The Brandon Jones Book Series

Meet the Characters

  • Brandon Jones Main Character

    Brandon is the main character of the book series. He is a curious, friendly kid who happens to be academically gifted. He loves sports, playing with friends, reading, and playing video games.
    Read all about Brandon's adventures with his friends in the book series!

  • Gabe Andrews Friend

    Gabe is one of Brandon's best friends. He enjoys playing baseball and learning everything about animals. Reading is his favorite subject.

  • JB Brooks Friend

    Jamar (nicknamed JB) is another one of Brandon's best friends. He enjoys math, playing all sports, and spending time with his friends and twin sister, Mya.

  • Mya Brooks Friend

    Mya is JB's twin sister. She likes dancing, reading, and talking with friends. Her favorite subject in school is Science.

  • David Nguyen Friend

    David is a good friend of Brandon's. He loves science class and all kinds of music.