The Brandon Jones Book Series

Book Series Features

The Brandon Jones book series is an unique way to connect learners with educational content that is fun and exciting to read. We've listed many (but not all!) of our features below. Click on each tab to learn more.

The Brandon Jones book series is written by a certified teacher who has used content requirements for various grade levels to determine which lessons to cover in each book. Every book in the series will have some type of educational connection appropriate for elementary-aged readers, including core subject learning, vocabulary, and technology integration.

It is important for 21st Century students to become acclimated with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) areas of learning. Every book in the series contains at least one of the areas

Another primary aspect of the Brandon Jones book series is the diversity in characters. The title character is an intellectually-gifted African-American boy who loves sports and hanging out with his friends, who include Americans from different racial/ethnicity/cultural backgrounds (Caucasians, Asians, and Hispanic children, as well as other African-Americans).

The Brandon Jones book series is ideal for classroom use! Not only does the book series contain educational content, we also offer Teacher Activity Packs (TAP) that contain comprehension worksheets, project ideas, rubrics, and much more. Please remember, though, the TAP packets are not limited to just classroom teachers - any parent or homeschool group will find them to be beneficial as well

Each book in the series contains a list of vocabulary words used throughout the book to further student comprehension and increase correct vocabulary usage.

Learning doesn't have to be boring! Each of our books is full of engaging activities and mishaps children love and learn from. Our books have interested elementary-aged students and their parents, pure entertainment gained from reading!