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Teacher Activity Packs [TAP]

In addition to our books, we also offer an accompanying Activity Pack for each title. The Teacher Activity Packs, or TAPs, contain materials to be used to extend the lessons covered in each book. Each pack includes over 85 full-color pages of comprehension questions, writing prompts, small group/center activities, technology integration projects, rubrics, homework sheet, project ideas, and much more! TAPs provide an excellent avenue of enrichment for learning objectives and are available for use by parents, classroom teachers, or home-school environments.

New TAPs become available as each new book title is released.

Product Description

Based on state curriculum standards and objectives, The Brandon Jones Series books and activity workbooks work together to focus on learning in a fun, engaging manner. Great for classroom learning, homeschool environments, or even personal use!

Our Teacher Activity Pack (TAP) workbooks provide comprehension and enrichment activity sheets that include vocabulary and problem-solving skills across all subject areas.

In addition to the comprehension and enrichment activities, the TAPs also include educator guides for each activity page with information on learning connections, higher level learning skills, as well as provide additional information on how to create project-based learning activities around the content of the book.

Be sure to slide through the images of pages from our TAPs on the left!

  • Includes:

    • Focus on Higher-Order Thinking Skills
    • Project-Based Learning (PBL) Tips
    • Cross-Curricula Content
    • Technology Integration

About The Brandon Jones Book Series

The Brandon Jones book series is unlike any other series currently available on the market! Our books include learning objectives in a fun, light-hearted manner that any elementary-aged student will enjoy. What makes the series unique is our diverse cast of characters, STEM integration in each book, and age-appropriate learning connections presented in an engaging manner for young readers to absorb... View More

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