The Field Trip to the Zoo

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Content Focus: Science, Financial Literacy
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Brandon Jones and his friends attend a school field trip to the zoo with a twist - they're participating in a scavenger hunt race! Brandon's group is determined to win the race. Using a map of the zoo, the friends devise a plan to learn as much about each animal group as they can before the field trip.

During the field trip/scavenger hunt, however, the group is stumped by a mystery card they just can't seem to answer. Time is running out as their classmates begin to catch up with them. Will Brandon and his friends be able to solve the mystery in time to win the race? Find out when you read Brandon Jones and the Field Trip to the Zoo!

Students learn about animal groups and characteristics while engaged in a classroom scavenger hunt competition.

Summary of TAP:
This TAP includes chapter comprehension pages, detailed project information, and tips for implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities.

The enrichment portion includes activity pages exploring:

  • vocabulary
  • a variety of pages exploring habitats and animal characteristics
  • telling time
  • adding/subtracting money
  • analyzing & writing haiku poetry
  • mapping skills
  • ...and more!

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