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Each book in our series includes STEM topics, educational objectives, and diverse characters - all combined for adventure-filled entertainment.

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Here you can view a PDF version of Chapter One of the Brandon Jones and the Field Trip to the Zoo book.

The Brandon Jones book series is unlike any other series currently available on the market! Our books include learning objectives in a fun, light-hearted manner that any elementary-aged student will enjoy. Each title also has an accompanying Teacher Activity Packet (TAP) available that includes comprehension worksheets, project ideas, rubrics, and more that coincide with the lessons covered in the reading. Online learning modules will also be available shortly.

The title character in our books, Brandon Jones, is an inquisitive, happy-go-lucky boy whose adventures lead readers through learning educational concepts. Brandon and his friends tackle different subject areas in each book, but always manage to involve the use of technology. Subject matter for early learners include topics from each of the core academic subjects (science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts), as well as financial literacy and use of digital tools.

What makes The Brandon Jones book series unique is our diverse cast of characters, STEM integration in each book, and age-appropriate learning connections presented in an engaging manner for young readers to absorb.

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